NSA Launches Training CD and Booklet

The NSA recently celebrated the publication of an information and interactive training programme under the title ‘A Future after School’. A booklet, which is packed with facts and information, has been designed to help those young people who have difficulties within the Autistic Spectrum Disorder when they reach the age of 16.Moving forward at that age – whether into a further course of study or into employment and the chance to learn a skill – can be difficult. This programme explains the options and alternatives for young people and also offers advice and information to employers on how to understand individuals with difficulties in this area.

The training programme has been part funded by the Learning & Skills Council as part of its remit to eradicate social exclusion for reasons of disability or learning difficulties. By creating a link between people with autistic spectrum disorder and opportunities for training, employment and education, there is every chance that more and more people will become aware of the difficulties faced and seek ways of overcoming problems rather than simply giving in to them. Just imagine moving from school to college: a major sea change for any young person but, for those with autistic spectrum difficulties it could simply put an end to any future education. Careful preparation and an expectation of what is needed can go a long way towards making such problems entirely manageable.

The first in a series of interactive training CDs is also now available.Click here for more information on these training cds. This CD offers information designed specifically for employers. Other CDs which will be available shortly from the NSA have been designed specifically for Schools, Colleges, Parents, Carers and Students in Education.

The booklet and training CD are available to purchase from the NSA.